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Receive secure payments, handle communication, streamline clients, and collaborate with other professionals to get more projects done.


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What is United Market?


United Market is a business platform and collaboration tool for music production professionals to manage and grow their businesses while connecting them with other professionals in their industry to get more projects done.

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Create your profile now to gain access to our platform upon our launch. To ensure we are able to sustain growth while providing a great user experience within our product for our soft launch, we will be launching as INVITE ONLY. With that being said, reserving your account now guarantees you access once we launch. Along with early access, you will receive special perks for being an initial user as we grow!

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1. Secure Payments

Request payments and invoice clients on demand.

2. Get booked

List your various services and convert your followers from social media and other sources to paying clients.

3. Subscriber(s)

Establish an audience solely focused on your business, collaboration, and paying for your services.

Stay up to date with your favorite creatives and be the first to know when they are offering collabs or other opportunities of interest.

4. Handle Communication

Communicate securely through the app using our messenger, phone call, and video call features.

5. Collaboration

Connect, network, and collaborate with other creatives in the industry for new opportunities.

6. Send & Receive Beats and Loops

Send beats and loops to other professionals in the industry for collaboration.

Receive beats and loops easily with no need to worry about storage issues. Give beats & loops star ratings and thumbs-ups to notify the sender of the sounds you are looking for.


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